The Lipedema Five-Step Process To A New Life (Liposuction)

What does the lipedema journey look like when meeting with a specialist doctor?

Here are the 5-steps that will help you prepare yourself mentally before stepping into the surgery room.

1. Appointment

  • It can either be done through a phone call or e-mail

2. Initial consultation

  • Duration is about one hour
  • Diagnostics: examination, photo documentation, ultrasound
  • Folder with all necessary information
  • Further consultations are possible on request without additional charge

3. Arranging an operation date

  • Setting up a date with our client experience team – via phone or e-mail
  • Recommended: Manual lymphatic drainage and/ or compression garments are recommended before the operation

4. Operation (Liposuction)

  • Anesthesiological information on a working day before the operation
  • The patient should be fasting on the day of surgery
  • Marking by the surgeon immediately before the operation, photo documentation
  • Operation duration: approx. two to three hours
  • General anaesthesia
  • Amount of suction: 5 litres per OP
  • A compression garment  is put on shortly before the end of the operation
  • Recovery room
  • One night stationed at the hospital
  • Manual lymphatic drainage by physiotherapists

5. Post-treatment

  • Thrombosis prophylaxis – treatment to avoid blood clots inside blood vessels – for four days
  • Six to eight weeks of compression garments
  • Lymphatic drainage two to three times a week for at least six weeks
  • At least six weeks between two surgeries
  • After three and twelve months of follow-up in the clinic

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