Breast Lifting

You may benefit from breast lifting if you find that you have sagging breasts or if your breasts have changed shape due to the loss of skin elasticity after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or due to weight gain or loss.

Excess skin is removed, the nipple-areolar (dark skin around the nipple) complex is lifted and the breasts are reshaped to create a more youthful appearance with firmer breasts. Depending on the degree of droop and on the existing asymmetry and volume, incisions will need to be made on the breasts that may extend around the nipple-areolar complex, into the front of the breast and into the breast fold.

The external stitches (if present) will be removed after two to three weeks and a garment (bra) should be worn for several weeks after the surgery. Light activities can be resumed in seven to ten days after the surgery. If necessary, breast augmentation or breast reduction can be completed with the lifting procedure.

Our specialist will always recommend the best decision from a medical and cosmetic point of view.

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