Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai:

Our highly experienced and DHA-certified team of Laser Therapists offers the best aesthetic treatments to improve your self-confidence by enhancing your skin and body's appearance. For many years, our laser therapists specialize in performing highly advanced full body laser hair removal in Dubai.

By treating our patients in a friendly, discrete, and respectful way, our clinic has gained the reputation of being the most recommended laser clinic in Marina, JBR, Dubai.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

Laser hair removal treatment works on the principle of selective 'photothermolysis'. The high-intensity laser beam used during the treatment generates heat around the hair follicle, which is absorbed by the dark melanin in the hair. This ultimately damages the basal stem cells in the hair follicles without affecting the adjacent skin tissues. At Amwaj Polyclinic, we use one of the most advanced laser technologies from the USA that combines laser treatment with a cooling system, allowing us to provide a more comfortable and technically best laser hair removal in Dubai, Marina.

Human hair typically grows in three distinct phases, of which the Anagen phase is the first phase where a hair actively starts to grow, and its follicle is attached to the skin's papilla. In this stage, the hair absorbs maximum heat which is ideal for laser hair removal in Dubai. Because only 20 to 40% of all your body hair is in this extremely sensitive Anagen phase, we recommend multiple treatment sessions for maximum result depending on your skin type and hair thickness.

full body laser hair removal in Dubai.

How Is The Laser Hair Removal Treatment More Beneficial When Compared To Other Treatments?

Laser hair removal in Dubai has proven to boost one's self-confidence and show the most long-lasting results. It also provides some unique benefits over other hair removal techniques, such as:

How Much Does The Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Cost In Totality?

Laser hair removal in Dubai will have the best results with multiple treatment sessions depending on the nature of your hair and skin and on the area to be treated. Though there are standard packages and rates, the total expenditure on your laser hair removal treatment will vary depending on factors like:

Additionally, factors like missing sessions with too long periods between sessions or not following the proper post-treatment guidelines can lead to unnecessary additional expenses to reach the desired result.

The good news is that at Amwaj Polyclinic, we will help you understand the entire process and guide you through all laser hair removal prices and expenses and provide the most cost-effective and personally best solutions for laser hair removal in Dubai. To get an estimated overview of all the processes and costs, you can directly reach out to us and speak to one of our experts.

What To Expect Before And After Having The Laser Treatment in Dubai?

Before starting the treatment, our laser therapist will analyze your physical and medical condition. Based on the area you want to treat, and the type of your skin and hair, the total number of laser treatment in Dubai, sessions will be decided beforehand. On average, you may require 4 to 8 different sessions spread over 4 to 6 weeks to attain the optimal hair-free skin. Once the sessions are scheduled, it is vital that you attend every session punctually as not doing so can significantly affect the outcome of this treatment.

Since all your hair grows through different phases at the present time, every session is important to target a specific set of hair and ultimately get rid of all hair. You must know that the hair won't fall out immediately during the treatment. Instead, the laser gradually weakens it after every session, ultimately resulting in permanent hair shedding. By the end of your sessions, you'll be informed with certain guidelines essential for maintaining the best laser hair removal results. Our experts will personalize these guidelines based on your physical condition and overall treatment factors.

aser hair removal clinic in dubai

Which Regions Can The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Be Used?

Ideally, the modern laser hair removal technology at Amwaj Polyclinic can be used on almost all types of skin tones and hair colors to effectively remove hair from any part of the body, right from your toes to your pelvis to your armpits and neck. However, this treatment is more often performed on parts such as:

You can choose to have multiple sessions for full body laser hair removal in Dubai or remove small patches of hair from a specific region.

laser hair removal treatment in dubai

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Needed?

Many women and men are troubled by their body hair growing over their hands, feet, bikini area, back, legs, or arms. We cannot always find time to deal with it with our daily busy routines. Even when we do, we have to go through the painful and discomforting process of shaving, waxing or tweezing, which is known to cause side effects, risk of bacterial infection, and rashes on our skin.

These pulling treatments are also known to reduce the skin tone and elasticity, making it look saggy and older than our real age. As the light-based laser treatment doesn't involve any pulling or chemical use in its process, it helps you escape from all these painful problems. It provides a long-lasting and time-saving hair removal solution that maintains your skin tone and makes it more smooth and supple.

Even men today are opting for laser hair removal due to professional reasons. This treatment works great on both men and women and has shown significant enhancement in their self-confidence and self-image.

How is Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Performed At Amwaj Polyclinic?

We use one of the most advanced laser technologies from the USA, which is highly effective in targeting a wide range of hair and skin tones. The three standard lasers used for this treatment include the Pulsed Diode Array, Alexandrite, and the Nd: YAG lasers. The laser beam is projected through a handheld laser-beaming instrument that can freely manoeuvre over bends and folds in the skin. The cooling system used with the laser prevents the skin from overheating and blocks infectious bacteria and viruses from entering the pores.

laser hair removal dubai

Before the treatment, the length of time and the laser's width are adjusted to the patient's skin and hair tone to target their hair follicles effectively. The laser beam passes through the skin and generates heat around the hair follicles. As dark-colored elements are better receptors of heat and light, the hair follicles being darker than the skin absorb all the heat from the laser and inflict damage on their cells in the process.

This cellular-level damage detaches the hair from its roots and prevents the new formation of follicles, ultimately prohibiting hair regrowth. The device is moved repeatedly over a region in periodic intervals to achieve the best results from laser treatment in Dubai.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure at Amwaj Polyclinc - Watch Video

Frequently Asked Questions for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai!

Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the skin irrespective of its location. So yes, as we mentioned above, laser hair removal face treatment is entirely valid and, in fact, quite popular. Except, it is not recommended on the eyelids as they are in contact with the eye, which is sensitive to light and heat.

One of the prominent benefits of laser hair removal in Dubai is that it is absolutely painless and scar-free. Some people might assume that the laser heating the skin might cause pain, which is a false assumption to make. There is an apt cooling system in place which continually cools down the skin after every pulse, and you feel no significant irritation or pain at all.

The laser treatment technically puts the follicle growth process into dormancy for a long time, ultimately preventing any hair growth after the treatment for several months to years. However, after that period, as the cells regenerate, some hair follicles may develop, but the hair that grows then will be lighter, finer, fewer in number, and almost invisible.

Absolutely not! Unlike the waxing or tweezing process, laser hair removal leaves you with no scars, wounds, or skin problems to look after. Also, no extra moisturizing or antibiotic cream is required for protecting the skin. After every session, you'll observe your hair shedding automatically with thin lighter shaded hair growing back at some spots. This is a part of the process which will be resolved by the end of your treatment. However, in between your sessions, if you don't want those light hair to be visible, you can simply shave them off without any hassle.

The speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment or in fact any laser treatment primarily depend on two factors: the skill and experience of the specialist performing the treatment and the technological advancement of the instruments that are used. Our laser treatment department stands strong on both the criteria as our laser therapists are DHA-certified with many years of experience in using the best devices and tools. We therefore confidently believe that we can offer you the best laser hair removal in Dubai, Marina where a top-class treatment is given in a friendly, personal and caring environment.

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