Chemical peels are a relatively simple non-invasive treatment that produces instantly noticeable, unbeatable results; making them a firm favourite amongst our patients. We start applying a coating of specially developed chemicals to the skin, removing the damaged outer layers that are often responsible for creating a tired, drawn complexion. We then remove, revealing the younger, clearer and more radiant skin complexion underneath. They really are that simple!

Our chemical peels use controlled abrasions that promote the growth of new skin, renewing and rejuvenating your complexion, with an emphasis on the treatment of photo-ageing (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discolouration (or dyschromia).

Peels can be superficial, deep, and/or chemical. Our specialists will advise you regarding the right peel for you based on your unique requirements. Whilst deeper peels tend to offer the best results, they do require longer recovery periods.

Our peels include the Cosmo Peel (Face), Cosmo Peel (Body), Milk Peel, and Cosmelan Peel. Each stimulates cell renewal, and reduces fine lines, acne, and pigmentation spots for an improved and more even skin tone. The recovery period can be between one to two weeks whilst the amount of redness depends on the treatment and your skin type. Remember to avoid sweaty activities immediately afterwards and that a sunblock must always be applied during the healing process.

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