Though diet and exercise are the most important factors necessary to lose weight and slim down, sometimes they just are not enough. And for those who have lost weight, there may still be some areas that remain heavy or have sagging skin.

At Amwaj Clinic, we offer a variety of safe, effective slimming treatment options using cutting-edge technology for those who are looking to focus on key areas or who want overall body slimming. Our therapists are knowledgeable and can help you select the treatment that is right for you. And with our membership packages, you can choose the most cost-effective treatment schedule and therapeutic combinations.

We can help you and design your customized slimming program. And did you know about Aqualyx which are fat dissolving injections to treat the stubborn fats. Book your appointment with Dr. Matteo Vigo to discuss your program.

From AED 600. 5% VAT applicable. Call us to book your appointment 0442213311