At some point, it’s hard to ignore the vivid signs of aging you see in the mirror – little wrinkles around your eyes or lips, age spots, maybe some sagging skin. There used to be few options for turning back the clock without going under the knife. But today, you can soften the effects of time on your face with many non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Minimize blemishes, treat sun damage and restore a more youthful, clear complexion. When your skin looks smooth, clear and even, this alone will enhance your appearance. Skin care treatments encompass a variety of non-surgical treatments designed to renew and revitalize skin with minimal downtime. Continue reading to learn more about the different non-surgical skin care treatments.


You may have heard of dermabrasion, a procedure that sands away the top layer of skin. It can treat severe sun damage, but it causes bleeding and needs a week of recovery time. Microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical option. Often called a “power peel,” it blasts the skin with tiny crystals that exfoliate the outer layer. This can reduce fine lines, brown spots, and mild acne scars – usually with little recovery time.

As microdermabrasion exfoliates, it sucks the powdery dead skin cells from your face (shown on left). Right after, the new skin looks pink and feels tight, like a sunburn (shown on right). It usually gets better in about 24 hours, leaving subtle improvements in tone and texture. It can take up to 10 sessions, a few weeks apart, before you can clearly see the differences.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and painless cosmetic procedure, where we use a crystal-coated device to exfoliate the top layer of your skin, improving the tone and texture. It also stimulates the production of collagen, makes pores less noticeable, and reduces age spots and fine lines. Whilst you will experience a noticeable improvement in the skin after the first session, for the best results, it is highly recommended that you follow a full course of treatments (four to six sessions over a span of six to twelve weeks). Check with our specialists to see if you can combine this treatment with Oxygen Treatment and Laser Skin Rejuvenation.


Pure oxygen treatments are a wonderfully safe and effective way to lift, brighten, hydrate, and restore tired skin. We use the pressure of pure oxygen to reach the deepest layers of the epidermis. The procedure is done without the use of needles and is completely painless. Because it promotes muscle relaxation, this treatment is often used on different parts of the body. When done regularly, a course of treatment provides a stable lifting effect, smoothing facial wrinkles and creating a long-acting anti-ageing impact on the treated area.


Reviderm technology has been developed based on the latest research in modern dermatology and cosmetology. Every single product is adapted to the needs of the skin.

Reviderm is best for clients with:


Loss of elasticity in the connective tissues

Excess keratinisation (hyperkeratosis)

Thinning skin (atrophy)



Enlarged pores


Long-term effects comprise of:

Lasting rejuvenation,

Increase in skin firmness,

Tightening of the contours,

Wrinkle reduction

Reduction of visible tissue stretches.

Our Reviderm Medical Facial is a manual medical facial using high-quality Reviderm products along with an ultrasonic facial scrubber and steamer. It reduces blackheads and whiteheads, cleansing and refreshing the skin. For the best results, avoid using makeup and engaging in activities that make you sweat for at least 24 hours after treatment. Remember that your face may be slightly red after treatment, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Check with our specialists to see if you can combine this treatment with Microdermabrasion or Laser Skin Rejuvenation.


This treatment uses carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for therapeutic purposes to improve your skin’s healthiness, including reducing dark under-eye circles, puffiness, and the appearance of fine lines. The same procedure can be used for the body as well to improve stretch marks.


This is a carbon mask assisted laser peel and a non-invasive treatment with no down-time that will minimise the size of your pores and lighten your skin tone. It also reduces the appearance of pigmentation, melasma, and fine lines, as well as active and inactive acne. Collagen production is also improved, creating a fresh and youthful look with a smoother skin texture. It is advised to avoid sun exposure and sweating immediately afterwards and apply a sunblock.


Microneedling is a skin resurfacing technology that uses the skin’s natural healing process to reduce skin imperfections, treat sun damage, and restore a smoother, clearer complexion. Instead of removing layers of skin with heat or chemicals, microneedling creates microscopic “injuries” in the skin using an instrument containing dozens of very fine, short needles. The “injuries” are not visible to the naked eye, but they do trigger the natural healing response, prompting your skin to produce new collagen and elastin and regenerate new, healthy skin cells.

Micro-needling uses a Dermapen device to create small channels in your skin, which improves your collagen production and reduces pore size. At Amwaj Polyclinic, we combine this treatment with tailored Arosha products, according to your skin’s needs. This treatment is ideal for lifting, contouring, repairing, brightening, and ultimately rejuvenating the skin. We end the session with our unique detoxifying and regenerating bio-cellulose mask.


Chemical peels use an acid solution to remove old, dead cells from the outer layers of skin. The solution often has a mix of glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, or trichloroacetic acid (TCA). It can take about 15 minutes to apply, and you might feel some stinging and irritation. Over the next few days, your skin’s upper layers will peel, revealing newer, smoother-looking skin.

A series of peels can reduce age spots, fine lines, acne scars, and wrinkles caused by sun damage or aging. Mild treatments, like the one shown here, have more subtle results. You can have one every few weeks until you get the results you want. Deeper peels cause swelling and crusting at first, but have more dramatic results in the end.

Our chemical peels use controlled abrasions that promote the growth of new skin, renewing and rejuvenating your complexion, with an emphasis on the treatment of photo-ageing (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discolouration. Peels can be superficial, deep, and/or chemical. Our specialists will advise you regarding the right peel for you based on your unique requirements. Whilst deeper peels tend to offer the best results, they do require longer recovery periods. Our peels include the Cosmo Peel (Face), Cosmo Peel (Body), Milk Peel, and Cosmelan Peel. Each stimulates cell renewal, and reduces fine lines, acne, and pigmentation spots for an improved and more even skin tone. The recovery period can be between one to two weeks whilst the amount of redness depends on the treatment and your skin type. Remember to avoid sweaty activities immediately afterwards and that a sunblock must always be applied during the healing process.


As one ages, the face loses volume and wrinkles and skin folds appear as a result of smiling and frowning. Fillers work by restoring the volume of part of the face or filling the lip or wrinkle and are gradually digested by the body. Fillers can be injected during normal consultation. At Amwaj Polyclinic, we tend to apply a cream before for the numbness to reduce the discomfort. Additionally, ice can be applied before and after injection as well. Fillers can be injected in the lips or wrinkles and you can usually return to work the same day. Occasional swelling may occur, especially in the lips Therefore, if it’s your first-time, you may want to schedule the first injection on a day close to the weekend.


Botulinum toxin injections are used to relax the fine muscles around the eyes, between the eyebrows and forehead, that are responsible for your frown lines and deep wrinkles. Treatment consists of a number of tiny injections with a very fine needle directly into the muscle. The effects of the injections begin to appear within a few days. Keep in mind that the results generally last for four to six months, after which time the injections must be repeated.