Radiofrequency RF Microneedling Treatment – Benefits, Procedure and more (2022)

Have you been bothered by early aging symptoms like wrinkles and drooping skin? Are you tired of having tissue scars or discoloration on your face or body? If you are ready to address these problems with the least risk and hassle, RF micro needling in Dubai procedure can be your best option.

RF Microneedling (MNRF) is a minimally invasive treatment that successfully combines the classic micro-needling procedure with radiofrequency radiation to revitalize the appearance of your skin. The radiofrequency pulse delivered using fractional technology deep into the dermis improves skin tightness and decreases acne scarring by promoting collagen and elastin production.

Benefits of RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is a single solution for multiple skin issues. Here are a few benefits:

  • Enhances the texture and tone of the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces stretch marks, acne scars, skin discoloration, and open pores, and rejuvenates and tightens skin. A 2014 study with 31 participants found that RF micro-needling improved acne scars in 58 percent of the subjects.
  • Radiofrequency micro-needling also enhances the appearance of your skin. A 2013 study noticed that the technique reduced the wrinkles around the eyes, and the results lasted longer than Botox injections.

Common uses of RF Microneedling

RF microneedling provides a wide range of benefits for each skin type. It can treat the following conditions:

  • Inflammatory acne-related scars, including rolling and box scars
  • Minor hypertrophic scars from chicken pox, burns, immunization, and acne
  • Large pores
  • Creases, fine lines, and sagging skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Dull skin tone


RF micro needling in Dubai uses ultrafine needles and radiofrequency-emitting LED bulbs to generate heat. The procedure involves causing irritation to the skin, triggering its healing response, and promoting the body’s capacity to generate collagen.

  • The therapy is done by puncturing the top layer of skin, up to 3 millimeters deep, with an array of insulated tiny needles.
  • High-intensity radiofrequency energy is delivered in a fractional pattern through microneedles to stimulate collagen and elastin formation.
  • A serum containing nutrients is injected to promote the production of new collagen and elastin.
  • The skin becomes collagen-rich, smooth, strong, and more evenly toned.

What to Expect

The procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the treatment area. For maximum results, you should get three to four sessions spaced three to eight weeks apart, giving your skin time to heal in-between sessions. You will notice the difference after three to six months. A touch-up session at least once a year is advised to preserve desired results.

Who can get the treatment?

RF micro-needling is safe for all ages, genders, and skin types. The therapy is ideal for young, healthy patients with early aging symptoms. Patients with active cold sores, skin infections or diseases should avoid it.


  • Regularly use a non-comedogenic sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30+
  • Strictly adhere to the recommended skincare routine.
  • Avoid any salon services for a week.