Radio Frequency Therapy: New Skin Tightening Method: Treatments & Benefits

What is Radiofrequency skin tightening therapy? 

RF skin tightening therapy, an emerging non-invasive method, is being used by new-age and top of the line cosmetic clinics to increase and maintain the firmness of your skin.

Radio Frequency Therapy-A New Skin Tightening Method - Treatments & Benefits-Endymed 3 Deep - Amwaj Polyclinic

The treatment works by stimulating underlying fibroblast cells to produce collagen. Collagen is the most common protein in your body that regulates the firmness of your skin. With aging, your body cells tend to produce less collagen, which makes your skin sagging and wrinkling as you grow.

How does Radiofrequency skin tightening work?

This type of technology uses low-energy Radio waves, a type of radiation that has 1 billion times less energy than X-rays.

These radiations heat the deeper layer of skin, the dermis, increasing the temperature to 50-75 C. It has also been said that maintaining a temperature of 46 C for over 3 minutes can cause the production of heat shock proteins, which stimulates your body cells to make more collagen proteins.

What are the potential benefits of RF therapy?

The primary advantage of getting RF therapy done is skin tightening and fighting off wrinkles. According to a study conducted in 2011, it was proved that RF treatment reduced the damage caused by UV radiations of the sun on the skin. It is also helpful in improving face contour, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Effects: What to think about before an RF Treatment.

It’s not uncommon to look for side effects after a non-invasive procedure.

Even though RF skin tightening is considered one of the safest therapy performed by certified professionals, there are some milder side effects.

Temporary swelling, redness, bruising, blistering, and tingling at the sight of treatment might occur a few hours after the process.

It’s important to take care of your skin as much as you care and show concern for your internal body and skin – RF therapy is a perfect choice for you in this case.

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