Prenatal Chiropractic Care & Its Benefits (2022)

Aching back, stiff shoulders, and weak pelvic floor (AKA peeing every time you sneeze). Do these symptoms sound familiar? Research says that back pain occurs in about 50% of pregnant women at some point before delivery.

During pregnancy, your body produces more relaxin, a hormone that loosens ligaments and joints and helps deliver the baby. But relaxin, along with your larger tummy, can make you shaky, unstable, and a little awkward. Your muscles and ligaments occasionally struggle to keep up with how quickly your body develops. And all of that put together can be really damaging to your spine and back.

There are different ways to treat pregnancy pains. Tylenol, exercise, and massage are some of the most popular options, but have you considered visiting a chiropractor? Chiropractors are well known for treating pain conditions and can certainly help with pregnancy pains.

Prenatal chiropractic therapy involves realigning and correcting your spinal cord (as well as the muscles and ligaments surrounding it) to relieve the discomfort of being pregnant.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

While visiting a chiropractor might help with pain relief, there are additional benefits of doing so during pregnancy.

  • Relief from nausea and morning sickness
  • Reduced labor and delivery times
  • Reduced joint discomfort, neck pain, and lower back pain
  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy and preventing potential cesarian delivery.

However, the two main advantages of prenatal chiropractic care involve facilitating the mother during delivery and optimizing the baby’s space in the womb while restoring pelvic balance.

Is it safe to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Before going to a chiropractor, you should check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you and the child. Ensure that the chiropractor you select is licensed by your state and has had special training to treat pregnant patients.

Every day, more than 1 million chiropractic adjustments are performed in the US. Complications do occur rarely, and the procedures are considered safe.

How frequently should a pregnant woman visit a chiropractor?

There is no specific plan for chiropractic visits during pregnancy; doctors advise regular visit, once a month during the entire period, for the best spinal alignment.

Final Words

Consult your doctor before considering chiropractic care if you’re pregnant and having back, hip or joint pain. They can suggest a reputable chiropractor in your neighbourhood. They’ll also aid you in determining whether chiropractic care is safe for you and your child.

Usually, receiving chiropractic therapy during pregnancy is a safe and efficient practice. Regular chiropractic care not only helps you relieve discomfort but also improves your pelvic balance. This can give your unborn child the most room possible throughout the pregnancy, resulting in less labour pain and quick delivery.


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