Mother, Baby & Child Magazine – Preparing your Child for Success in the New School Term

‘Preparing your Child for Success in the New School Term’

Facilitated by Babyshop as our Community Sponsor; and WaterWipes & Al Ain Farms as our Supporting Partners, Mother Baby & Child staged a free breakfast event for parents on 23rd August, in preparation for the new school term.

Dr. Giovanni Bisanti Chiropractic Practitioner Functional Neurologist

The theme was ‘Preparing your Child for Success in the New School Term’, with a particular focus on the psychological, emotional and physical effects the pandemic has had on our children over the last 14 months.

Dr Giovanni Bisanti, Functional Neurologist & Chiropractic Doctor 

Dr Giovanni Bisanti is a Chiropractic Doctor, Functional Neurologist and Medical Director of the Chiropractic Neurology Centre in Dubai, as well as the current recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award for Child Development Professional of the Year in the Mother, Baby & Child Awards.

At the event, Dr Giovanni discussed the ways in which physical activity and exercise helps to balance the impact on brain development seen as a result of the pandemic. He also discussed the impact on the brain of excessive screen use, as well as discussing just some of the ways that a chiropractor can help to improve posture, mood, focus and concentration, and even the body’s ability to heal itself more efficiently, by restoring its natural balance.

If children are emotion-led, then how has the pandemic affected them?

You can be sure that the pandemic has had a profound impact on our children. Here are just a few of the ways in which they may have been affected:

  • The closure of schools deprived them of important opportunities for growth and development
  • Lack of / and reduced social contact with friends and extended family has made them feel lonely
  • Time spent ‘locked down’ at home has increased social isolation 
  • The impacts of parents’ reduced income may have increased stress at home
  • More time spent using screens and devices can over-stimulate the brain and affect the quality of their sleep – and therefore mood and school performance 
  • Lack of/ or reduced physical activity and outside stimulation can impact their mental health, learning and development
  • Fear & anxiety of them or a family member contracting a potentially fatal virus increased stress levels.

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