Microneedling: Everything You Need To Know About Dermapen

Facial skin needs the care to look luminous, smooth, and hydrated.

We know that constant exposure to the environment, the sun, pollution, and as we age, it can look dull, wrinkled, and most times with marks and scars.

Dermapen treatment is a perfect solution that rejuvenates, tones, and restores radiance to the skin.

What is a Dermapen?

Dermapen Microneedling is an innovative skin treatment.

It is a device of ultra-fine microneedles that performs micro-needling on the skin and naturally promotes collagen and elastin.

The result? A smooth and rejuvenated face.

This micro-needling device is FDA-approved, safe, and minimally invasive, so its side effects are almost invisible. Its design allows access to the minor areas of the face, such as the crevices around the nose, lips and eyes. In addition, it will enable leveling the speed and depth of perforation for each area and need. 

Although the words “needle perforation” may sound intimidating, there is nothing to worry about. The microneedles penetrate the two most superficial layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis), so discomfort is minimal. If you have high pain sensitivity, an anesthetic cream can minimize the sensations and make the treatment as painless as possible.

Where is it mainly used?

This treatment can be used anywhere on the body to improve texture, reduce scarring and diminish skin blemishes. However, it is most common on the neck and face skin, even in the most delicate areas, such as the eye contour.

What are the benefits/advantages of its use?

By using Dermapen Microneedling, we stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. Scar and old tissues are broken down, producing new cells and proliferation, giving way to radiant and rejuvenated skin. Benefits include:

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Effective acne treatment.
  • Reduces scars or marks caused by acne, trauma or surgery.
  • Closes enlarged pores.
  • Reduces stretch marks.
  • Correction of dark spots and skin pigmentation.
  • Smoothes overall skin texture.
  • Evens out skin tones. Hours without makeup or sun exposure.
  • Increases the absorption of topical products by the skin.
  • It uses the body’s natural regenerative capabilities.

Its advantages are that it is a safe and minimally invasive treatment. Aftercare is limited to not wearing makeup for the first 24 hours and avoiding high-intensity exercise for the first 48 hours of treatment. Side effects are also relatively low, such as a slight reddening of the treated area.

What results and expectations will I have from a Dermapen treatment?

For your results to be more noticeable and long-lasting, you must be consistent with your treatment. Typically, a minimum of 3 sessions with Dermapen Microneedling is necessary; in case of scars, 5 to 6 sessions will be required. Your dermatologist will advise you to, according to your case and the type of problems to be treated. 

At the end of the entire process, your skin will look younger, brighter, and firmer. Free of imperfections and expression lines.

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