Main Reasons For Hair loss – 5 Tips To Slow Down The Process

Hair loss is a common issue that happens to both women and men – what’s interesting are the number of reasons that causes us to loos more hair than others. Hair loss can be triggered by anything starting from genetics, to certain medical conditions, hormonal change, poor nutrition, bad hygiene, and even stress.

Hair loss can present itself in many different ways. To best determine the cause of hair loss, it is suggested to look for changes happening with your hair and keep track of it.

Some signs of hair loss and what to look for can include:

  • Overall thinning
  • Bald spots
  • Handfuls of hair
  • Full loss

If you think your lifestyle or habits may be the reason then we recommend looking at our five tips that you can consider implementing in your lifestyle that will slow down the hair loss process:

1. Diet

The most suggested step towards slowing down hair loss is a change in the diet. Doctors and the nutritionists suggest choosing the Mediterranean diet. It contains raw vegetables and fresh herbs that reduce and prevent the hair loss process.

2. Vitamin supplements

Vitamins including A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc are needed for hair growth. Adding them to your regular diet and as a routine will help with cell turnover, which will support hair growth and reduce your hair loss significantly.

3. Laser therapy

Regular laser therapy treatments can help improve hair density. This is also known as red light therapy and it works by stimulating the epidermal stem cells.

4. Lower your street with a Workout or YOGA

Stress is known to promote hair loss.

To help you restore your hair and its natural balance, it is important to deal with stress efficiently. This can be done by doing some physical activities such as; hiking, swimming, cycling or any sport of your choice, for at least a half-hour every day.

Another great and suggested method is practising yoga. Yoga also helps reduce stress levels. Additionally, try to calm the body and the mind with herbal teas such as chamomile, with the yoga together, to get desired stress-reducing results.

5. Go for natural and organic hair products

In order to prevent hair loss and stabilize the condition of your hair, try to avoid shampoos that contain heavy chemicals.

Many less-expensive shampoo products in the market consist of less costly but harsher substances. Washing your hair daily with these shampoos can almost strip hair of its organic strengtheners and increase baldness.

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