Laser hair removal has come a long way in recent years, with advancements in technology making it mostly suitable for all hair and skin colours. If the prospect of permanent hair removal (and smooth skin) appeals, you might want to start investing now given that winter is the ideal time for laser treatment.

Laser hair removal works by targeting hair at the root to damage the follicle. The light energy from the laser enters the skin and is absorbed by melanin surrounding the hair follicle. Melanin is naturally present in the hair follicle, and when targeted with the laser in the right stage of hair growth, the hair follicle overheats damaging the bulb, preventing further hair growth. The process is called photothermolysis. For best results, a course of laser hair removal treatment is recommended to ensure all hairs are caught over differing hair cycle growths.

The key benefit is long-term hair reduction, which potentially saves time and money on alternative hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving, epilating and threading. In addition to aesthetic benefits, there are some medical benefits. These include prevention of ingrown hairs which can sometimes lead to boils and abscesses, prevention of shaving rashes, and prevention of pilo-nidal sinuses, a condition that can occur in both men and women.

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