Many women who have large breasts often suffer neck, shoulder and back pain and in some cases bad posture. Very large breasts can make it difficult and very uncomfortable to perform physical activity and droopy breasts can be aesthetically displeasing. Surgery for these issues may be definitive and likely to bring your confidence back.

The objectives of breast reduction surgery is to produce a smaller, lighter, improved breast shape, complementary and proportionate to the rest of an individual’s figure. This may also reduce the problem of back pain that heavy breasts may cause. Reducing the size of the breasts may be very satisfying, and can enhance confidence and self-esteem. Weight loss, childbirth and the ageing process can cause women’s breast to lose shape. Breast uplift is sometimes necessary to improve the appearance of shapeless breasts.

1. Definitive procedure

2. 2-3 hours

3. Permanent change

4. General Anaesthetic

5. Moderate discomfort


A breast reduction procedure involves the surgical reduction of breast tissue and the restoration of contour through a series of carefully planned and measured excisions. Breast reduction surgery is a commonly performed and straightforward operation which involves reducing the amount of breast and fatty tissues whilst uplifting the breast tissue. The surgeon removes the excess fat, skin and tissue from the breast. The incision lines are very discreet; there will be an anchor shaped scar running around the areola, down to and along the sub mammary fold (crease line under the breast). This restoration normally involves the removal of reasonably large volumes of breast tissue and the relocation of the nipple and the surrounding skin back into the centre of the newly created breast shape.

Breast Uplift (mastopexy) Procedure

Breast uplift usually involves lifting the nipple and areola as well as the breast tissue. Pleats of surplus skin are removed from underneath the breast and the breast itself is remodelled into a tighter cone and the nipples are repositioned at a higher level so that they lie at the points of the tightened breasts. A breast uplift can be done without significantly altering the size of the breast, although some patients take this opportunity to have a breast enlargement at the same time.


Is Breast Reduction the Right Choice?

Below are some of the reasons patients choose to have a breast reduction:

1. Women of all ages who are unhappy with the general size and shape of their breasts.

2. Women who suffer from uneven (asymmetrical) breasts.

3. Women who have suffered with back, neck or shoulder pain as a result of their heavy breast size.

4. Women who do not like the way overly large breasts can interfere with their normal daily activities and ability to exercise in comfort.

5. Women who suffer from skin irritation due to their heavy breasts, particularly in hot weather.

6. Women who feel limited by the fashion restrictions large breasts cause.

7. Women who feel that their self-esteem, confidence or relationships are affected by concerns and feelings about their breast size.


Is Breast Uplift the Right Choice?

Some common reasons for breast uplift include:

1. Following pregnancy and breast feeding, breast can become flatter and “empty” looking losing breast roundness and fullness

2. Weight loss can leave the breast flatter with excess loose skin

3. If breasts are no longer firm it can be difficult to wear certain types of clothes without the support of a bra

4. Boost confidence and improve body image

The best results are achieved in women with small sagging breasts although breasts of any size can be lifted. The results may not last as long with heavy breasts.