The signs of aging on our faces become more visible as we get older. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and volume, and sagging skin are some of the most common concerns many people have. Your body produces less collagen as you age, giving your skin more resistance and resilience. Your skin thins and weakens, resulting in wrinkles and sagging. There is good news for those who wish to regain their youth. Our cosmetic procedures at Amwaj Polyclinic – Skin Clinic in Dubai offer several options for addressing these issues.

Thread Lift and Facelift Surgery are two popular options. Both procedures are intended to rejuvenate the face but differ in approach, longevity, and recovery time.

But which is the best option for you? Let’s get to know!

What is Thread Lift?

thread lift in dubai

Thread lifts are a less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts. Your doctor will use medical-grade threading to physically tighten the skin in specific areas. This results in tighter-looking skin as well as fewer wrinkles. The brow line, jowls, under-eye, cheeks, and forehead are all common targets.

Some people prefer thread lift in Dubai over more invasive facelift surgery for a variety of reasons like cost, concern about invasive surgery, or their skin has just started to show signs of aging.

One of the potential thread lift benefits is that it can promote skin rejuvenation. The “threads” are barb

ed structures that are absorbed into the skin and stimulate collagen growth.

Fun Fact

Some plastic surgeons refer to Thread Lift as a “weekend facial” or “lunchtime lift” because the procedure is quick and the recovery time is short.

 What is a Facelift Surgery?

Facelift Surgery involves lifting and tightening the skin and underlying tissues of the face. It is typically prescribed for people with advanced aging signs, such as deep wrinkles, significant skin laxity, and jowls.

Incisions are made around the hairline and/or behind the ears to reach the underlying tissues during a face lift surgery in Dubai. The muscles are then tightened, and excess skin is removed before the incisions are closed. This all-encompassing approach enables a dramatic transformation and long-term results.

Here are some pointers that will help you determine the best treatment for you:

BasisThread LiftFacelift Surgery
Problems treatedSagging jowls or loose jowls that hang just beneath your jawline down your neck, loose necklines, loss of volume in the cheeks, fine lines and wrinkles.Treats fine lines and wrinkles by removing lax skin and tightening underlying muscles, though the list is shorter and more comprehensive.
Timeline for resultsThread lift provides almost instant results and very little swelling because there is little to no downtime and no actual surgical procedures are involved.Involves surgery and incisions; you must wait for the pain, discomfort, and swelling to subside before reaping the benefits of the procedure. You will be in pain for about 2 weeks, followed by another 4 weeks of waiting for the treated area to settle.
Level of InvasivenessOne of the most appealing aspects of thread lifts is that they are non-surgical.A facelift is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in various parts of your face. These incisions are strategically placed so that they are not visible and are difficult to detect once healed.
Scars post-treatmentThere is no scarring because there are no incisions or surgery.Facelifts are an invasive surgical procedure involving incisions into your skin, resulting in visible scarring that necessitates intensive post-procedure care.
PermanenceHow long does thread lift last?
The results are only temporary since a thread lift is a non-surgical procedure.
Depending on your overall health, skin condition, and other factors (such as how badly you are affected by the signs of ageing, for example), you can expect the results of a thread lift to last at least 12 months, if not longer.
Facelift Surgery involves making semi-permanent changes to your face. Hence, the results last far longer than non-surgical alternatives.
Recovery TimeThread lifts are generally less invasive than other types of plastic surgery, depending on the amount of work required.
You can anticipate 24-48 hours of downtime.
The amount of downtime is greater for a more involved and intensive procedure, where local anaesthesia is used, and plastic surgeons make incisions into your body.
You can anticipate 14 days of complete rest.

USP of Thread Lift  – Non-Surgical Alternative

A thread lift in Dubai can be an ideal facial rejuvenation treatment for people considering a less invasive procedure. This procedure, also known as a feather lift or contour thread lift, involves inserting dissolvable sutures with small barbs or cones into the skin. These sutures are used to lift and reposition sagging skin, giving the appearance of youth.

USP of Facelift Surgery – Longevity

The longevity of a face lift surgery in Dubai is one of its primary benefits. The effects can last up to ten years, making it an excellent choice for those seeking long-term and significant improvement. However, it is important to note that the recovery period for a facelift is longer than that of a thread lift. Swelling and bruising are common side effects, and it may take several weeks to resume your normal activities.

Thread Lift or Facelift Surgery: Which one is ideal for you? Ask our Specialist Doctors at Amwaj Polyclinic

At Amwaj Polyclinic, we understand that making the decision to undergo surgery is a big one and requires careful consideration. Our Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon can offer you personalized advice on which procedure would be most suitable for your skin type and concerns. With their expertise in plastic surgery, they can help guide you to make an informed decision about the best course of action for your individual needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions; we’re here to answer them and provide you with the best possible care!