Huge weight loss can sometimes result in excess tissue, resulting in saggy skin around the hips, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and waist. The reason for this is that after significant weight loss, the skin and cutaneous tissue fail to contract. This causes excess skin to hang loosely. Although diet and exercise or obesity surgery can help you lose weight, they won’t help you get rid of the sagging skin folds that result from weight loss.

This is where Body Lift can be extremely beneficial. A body lift surgery is one that is used to remove excess skin following significant weight loss. These procedures are designed and customized, specifically catering to the different needs of different patients.

Here are some of the body goals that one can derive from a body lift procedure:

It provides a sleek body contour

The extra skin after extreme weight loss gives the impression that you still have some of the weight. Skin folds cover the weight loss results in the newly sculpted areas. A full-body lift contours the body for a smooth appearance.

It aids in weight loss by streamlining the body, allowing you to see the true progress of your weight loss. When you can accurately track your weight loss journey, you gain more motivation to continue improving.

Helps you do away with the extra skin folds are eliminated

As stated earlier in the article, body lift surgery can get you rid of the excess loose skin. Excess skin removal aids in the elimination of health problems. Extra skin necessitates extra care. Skin infections, rashes, and inflammation are also attracted to it. Smoothing the skin lowers the likelihood of skin inflammation and other skin conditions.

Extra skin folds also cause your clothes to fit poorly. You should be able to wear clothes that fit your new body after losing weight. All of the excess skin makes it difficult to fit into your new size.

Skin inflammation is reduced

A full-body lift provides smooth skin with no extra folds. This boosts fluid circulation throughout the body. When your fluid moves efficiently, you reduce your chances of developing other underlying conditions. Excess skin friction causes stress and tension on the skin, resulting in pain and inflammation. Personal care is easier after a body lift, which reduces the likelihood of inflammation.

Exercising becomes easier

Exercising is difficult when you have extra skin all over your body. Exercise becomes difficult due to friction and extra weight from the skin. Excessive sweating from exercise irritates the skin and causes other issues.

Excess skin obstructs fluid circulation during exercise. It makes you work twice as hard for half the results. But after a body lift procedure, your skin is toned and contoured. It then allows you to exercise while also going about your daily activities.

Physical performance enhancements

Impaired physical functioning prior to surgery can be caused by a variety of factors. It could be due to postural issues and flapping noises produced by the redundant skin. A body lift in Dubai can resolve this issue.

Studies reveal changes in physical functioning after body lift. In fact, according to the findings, body lift can significantly improve physical functioning by 28.5%.

Social relationships and interactions have improved

Most people with sagging skin have issues with social relationships. This is most probably due to a lack of self-confidence in their appearance. They simply do not like it. This can result in a variety of psychological issues as well as lower self-esteem.

Eight studies found that the procedure improved social functioning. The studies found that the majority of the participants improved their social functioning by 24%.

Enhancements to your perception of your body image

Many bariatric patients describe their post-weight-loss bodies as unattractive. This poor body image is primarily due to two factors:

  • Patients invest a lot of effort to lose weight, but then they’re unhappy with their new bodies and sagging excess skin.
  • Patients continue to receive negative and hurtful comments from others.

Depression is less common

Many participants experience a new sense of their body, which translates into increased self-confidence, self-esteem, increased energy levels, positive mood, and psychological well-being. The procedure has the potential to alter the link between depressive symptoms and negative body image.

Safe and Effective Body Lift Surgery in Dubai

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