SEFFI Fillers

Aging can be intimidating, especially when the signs show up on your face, around the eyes and the mouth, deepened wrinkles, along with loss of skin structure, quality, and volume. In such cases, people grow eager to restore their normal and healthy facial appearance. In fact, requests for facial or skin rejuvenation in Dubai from people aged 45 to 55 years old have increased significantly.

Fortunately, tremendous advancements in skin treatment methods have given birth to SEFFI (Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection) Fillers and MicroSEFFI techniques that have shown promising results in reversing skin conditions.

What are SEFFI Fillers?

SEFFI Filler in Dubai is a novel revolutionary technique for transferring one’s own fat.

This technique restores volume to areas of the face where traditional lipofilling is ineffective while also regenerating your skin with stem cells derived from your own tissue. It also ensures a natural effect of complete face rejuvenation and regeneration. These fat injections can minimize the risks of visibility and lumpiness as well as render immediate results without any recuperation. 

These injectables consisting of stem cells for skin regeneration are of various sizes and are derived through an innovative harvesting procedure: these different tissues are injected in the dermal and subdermal layers of different face areas with varying skin and subdermal thickness, minimizing the signs of aging.

When can you consider SEFFI Fillers?

You may consider SEFFI Fillers in the following conditions:

  • If you have lost facial volume and have sunken areas
  • If you want a longer-lasting alternative to dermal fillers
  • If you want to look more youthful.

How is the process of SEFFI Fillers carried out?

Micro SEFFI utilizes specialized, minimally invasive, non-traumatic microsurgical instruments that allow for extremely precise application. From removal to application, a specific and cutting-edge technique ensures a regeneration and natural renewal of volume that is far more effective, natural, and regenerative.

The technique of SEFFI Fillers in Dubai allows for the gentle filling of areas where volume addition is critical for achieving a complete and, most importantly, natural rejuvenation of the face. YOU WILL NOT HAVE an old-looking face with filled-in cheeks or nose-lip lines!

Post-procedure Expectations

You may notice some bruising and swelling, which are quite common post-treatment. The treated areas may also be tender and sensitive to touch. Your nerve sensation may also feel unusual as your skin tissue regenerates, but everything will return to normal in due course. To reduce the risk of infection, avoid any strenuous exercise for 6 weeks, including spa baths or submerging the operative sites in public pools.


Typically, SEFFI Fillers results are visible after 6-12 weeks. Any process of fat transfer in Dubai that survives the transfer to the recipient site after 6 months is permanent. Please keep in mind that fat cells can grow or shrink in response to weight gain or loss.

Some of the transferred fat may perish. Success rates can vary, and it is critical to follow post-procedure instructions such as eating a healthy diet and not smoking.

Advantages of SEFFI Fillers

With SEFFI Fillers, individuals can address various signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume, to achieve a more refreshed and radiant appearance.

The key advantage of SEFFI Fillers in Dubai is its ability to deliver natural-looking results. By strategically injecting the fillers into specific areas, skilled practitioners can effectively enhance facial contours, smooth out imperfections, and create a harmonious balance. The treatment process is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and desired outcomes, ensuring personalized and satisfactory results.

Trust Amwaj Polyclinic for SEFFI Fillers in Dubai

Trusting Amwaj Polyclinic for SEFFI fillers treatment is the best choice you can make. Not only are they experts in their field, but we also provide a safe and comfortable environment for your treatments. Our team of skin experts professionals will ensure that your experience is as smooth and calming as possible. With our meticulous, highly individualized, and scientific approach, you can be sure that the results will be natural-looking and long-lasting.

So if you’re looking to reduce wrinkles or enhance facial features without surgery or downtime, make an appointment today! 

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