LPG Treatments – Slimming, Re-shaping – Why Is This Considered Effective?

Workouts and diets are not enough to lose all the fat and attain the shape you desire. The problem with exercising and working out is trying to focus on one specific part of the body you want to contour – that’s hard!

Now is there any method or treatment that helps you lose weight and mould your body without having to spend hours in the gym?

Yes indeed – LPG Treatments!

LPG endermologie treatment is for those who want to contour their bodies without any surgery and effectively slim down. It is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure;  that melts the fat deposits in one’s body and breaks the cellulite.

The Science Behind Endermologie Treatment

An FDA-approved and patented approach, LPG endermologie focuses on cellular stimulation. This is done by 100% natural and effective massage work that offers you deep tissue mobilization. There are several treatments under this category, including LPG body treatment and LPG face treatment.

Nearly 145 studies have backed up the efficiency and authenticity of this treatment including scientific experiments and studies. Some of these conclude that the treatment provides:

  • Up to 70% increase in the rate of release of fat after the treatment.
  • Around 23% boost in maximizing the firmness of the skin and the muscles.
  • 240% rise in the activation of the production of collagen.
  • Almost 40% upsurge in the synthesis of natural elastin.

This is a non-invasive treatment in which rollers are used to target specific areas in a person’s body where they want the fat released. With a massage, the fat cells in one’s body are compressed, which boosts up the release of the fat. This process of fat release is called – lipolysis.

In short, the endermologie treatment stimulates the operation of fat release or lipolysis with the aid of mechanical rollers.

The treatment focuses on the face and body tissues; it primarily concentrates on muscles, skin, lymphatic, and blood circulation.

This treatment also accelerates the creation of elastin and collagen which are highly essential for smoothing and reducing the wrinkles on your skin.

Treatment Duration

The LPG endermologie treatment is a multi-session treatment, and a patient can see results typically after 3-4 sittings. These results can vary from one person to another, based on their body type and conditions.

To have a lasting result and effect, you are advised to book 12-15 sessions. A typical session may take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area of the body.

The most significant treatment period is the first month; this is when the fibroblast process is triggered at the skin level. By including a well-balanced diet and a routine workout session in this treatment schedule, you can experience the effects and results much faster.

Benefits, Advantages & Results of LPG Treatments

Most people tend to utilize LPG treatments on body parts and areas such as thighs, arms, stomach, and butt. This treatment will benefit you in numerous ways if you want to tone your body.

Following benefits with LPG treatments are:

  • Remove extra fluids and break down the stubborn fat in your body which allows you to lose weight faster.
  • Consolidate loose skin and muscles, gain attractive curves.
  • Relax the stressed and compressed muscles in your body and get better sleep.
  • Smooth your overall shape by losing fat in the right regions and building up your body’s form.
  • Smoothen out cellulite around the thigh & butt area.
  • Tone your skin to get a radiant glow.
  • Contour the shape of your body as per your need and wish.

How Long Does The Results Last?

Just like exercise and workout, the results of the LPG treatment last better the better routine you have. The same will apply to any beauty treatment, so following a routine is necessary to see effective and long-lasting results.

Depending on your objectives, you can see the results accordingly. Instead of leaving the cells dormant, go for frequent stimulation as it’s needed to see continuous effects. After beginning the intensive period, one should periodically undergo this procedure to see sustainable results.

Other than the initial sessions, one can add optimizing sittings to boost the process of lipolysis.

Is LPG Endermologie Treatment Safe for All?

As this treatment is 100% natural, it is suitable for people from all walks of life!

Due to its non-invasive nature, the therapy does not exhibit any negative side effects. Technically, LPG treatments are harmless for anyone who is looking for a multi-effective treatment that provides multiple benefits at the same time.

If you are keen on reducing fat and contouring your body, LPG body treatment is the right choice for you.

Pregnant women – Experts suggest if you are pregnant to avoid larger body areas, however, having LPG on your arms and legs is safe.

LPG treatments have been scientifically proven to be highly effective in producing desired results. Book your appointment today and find visible changes in the contour of your body!

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