Lipedema: Volumous Legs Are Not Always Obesity – Lipedema Event (2023)

Do you suffer from voluminous legs and arms and you cannot lose weight through sport and dieting? Do you have pain and bruising in your extremities and no doctor can find the cause There is a common condition that explains these symptoms. More than ten percent of all women suffer from lipedema. The disease has nothing to do with obesity and it can be treated well.

Learn about potential therapy options including conservative and surgical treatments.

Meet the leading experts on this condition.

Renowned doctors and therapists present you with the latest scientific findings and treatment options. Ask questions about the disease and get an initial assessment of whether you could also suffer from it.

German Board Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sebastian is one oft he leading specialists for lipedema treatment. He will explain how to correctly diagnose the disease and the advantages and disadvantages of conservative and surgical treatment methods. He will show possible results of liposuction and what is important after the treatment.

Dr. Lusine is a specialist in gynecology at the AMWAJ Polyclinic and explains the hormonal causes of lipedema and which gynecological aspects should be considered.

General Surgeon Dr. Diya illustrates the possibilities of bariatric surgery for weight loss and which patients are suitable for it. Lymphatic drainage is an important component of lipedema therapy, which is why our lymphatic expert Daniela from Get on Track explains the principles of conservative therapy.

We are very happy that we were able to win a supplier of high-quality compression clothing for our event with OTB. During and after the event you will have the opportunity to talk to our experts and ask questions.

Take the first step into a new life without pain and restricted mobility. Get your quality of life back and start wearing the clothes you love again.

You have earned it!