Hair Loss Solutions: 3 Effective Ways Of Treating Hair loss For Men

Hair loss and hair thinning today is a common issue for both men and women.

According to the hair society organization, 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss globally and at the age of 35, men begin to have a 40% hair loss rate.

For men, hair loss is one common issue that greatly affects physical appearance as well as self-confidence.

Losing hair can happen due to different factors such as:

  • Genetics
  • Bad diet
  • Connections to skin issue.

However, the medicine and the cosmetics industry have greatly improved over the years and provide a lot of effective treatments that can help with dealing with hair loss issues.

Some of the most popular hair loss treatments today that leave no scar tissue or long-term medical complexities are called: PRP, Acell or Laser Hair Therapy.

Each of these treatments has a special and different approach, which makes them suitable for different hair loss types that can apply to new or re-generated hair growth without having to undergo surgeries.

How do the treatments work?

PRP Treatments

PRP is short for Platelet-rich plasma, which is a substance that supports and promotes healing.

This substance is most commonly injected, composed of special factors and proteins that help the blood to clot. Besides this function, it also supports cell growth, which is highly beneficial for hair growth.

When the plasma is injected into the scalp, it works directly towards promoting cell growth and the prevention of hair loss. It is also a very powerful healing treatment for androgenic alopecia, which is widely known as male pattern baldness.

Acell Hair Re-growth Therapy

Acell is a special product that is used for cell regeneration, wound healing, and shows results of regrowth.

This treatment is usually best combined with PRP-treatment when injected into the scalp. This process makes the hair follicles healthier and larger and supports more robust hair growth. Acell treatment is highly effective for male pattern hair loss.

The results create fuller hair, youthful appearance and enhanced looks for a more permanent hair that don’t require any maintenance once the treatment is over.

Laser Hair therapy

Laser hair therapy, also known as red light therapy or cold laser therapy, is a special treatment that irradiated photons directly into the tissue of the scalp.

These photons are absorbed by the weak cells and stimulate hair growth. The procedure is safe and much more tolerable compared to hair transplant surgery. By undergoing laser hair therapy, the hair loss can be stopped and reversed which will end up in stronger hair growth.

Programs: Hair Loss Solution

The first step to prevent further hair loss is to meet with a specialist that understands your personal journey. By sharing your previous treatments and understanding how your hair growth will look will be imperative, in order to avoid more future hair loss.

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