Liposuction is a commonly performed plastic surgery in Dubai and is well known to the general public. Many professionals around Dubai opt for this procedure to get a picture-perfect body when they can’t lose the little excess fat in their gym. However, we’re seeing a drastic rise in the number of men and women who are opting for liposuction to get rid of their stubborn fat from the lower belly, thighs, upper arms, etc. as a personal desire. Given the safety and affordability of getting liposuction surgery in Dubai, it is only natural that more and more people would desire it.

But it is equally important to know that liposuction results majorly depend on what you do and not do after the surgery and until full recovery. Once you have your liposuction, your surgeon will prescribe a set of guidelines personalized to help your treated area heal faster. However, there are some general Do’s & Don’ts, which everyone has to follow after their liposuction surgery.

Here are some of those Do’s & Don’ts that you should always keep in mind for at least four weeks from the day of the procedure:

Dont’s After Liposuction Surgery:

  • Do not perform any heavy lifting or straining activities that might directly affect the treated area. Any activity that raises your blood pressure can potentially cause bleeding from the unhealed wound.
  • Do not take any blood-thining medications until full recovery. If you think you’ll need painkillers, consult your surgeon for alternative drugs and therapies.
  • Do not remove the compression garment your surgeon will suggest you wear as it helps reduce swelling and boost recovery. Frequently switching the garment increases your chances of developing seroma.
  • Do not wet the wound. Even if your surgeon uses a waterproof dressing to cover the incision, it is best to avoid bathtubs, saunas, and long showers until recovery.
  • Do not smoke. Tobacco is known to slow down the recovery process after any surgery.
  • Do not eat or reduce eating foods that are extra sugary and salty, fried, or any junk food.

Do’s After Liposuction:

  • First and foremost, focus on maintaining your body weight and eating a healthy diet enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, proteins, fibers, and more. Any change in your body weight can directly impact the contouring results of your treated area.
  • Move around as much as possible without putting a strain on the wound. Though most exercises are out of the question, you must still walk and slightly stretch other body parts to avoid blood stagnation and clotting around the wound.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, to flush residual surgical medications from your body. Staying hydrated also helps the recovery process and reduces the post-surgery swelling faster.
  • Timely attend your follow-ups as they help your surgeon spot any inconsistencies in your recovery early on and suggest appropriate changes in your routine accordingly.
  • Finally, be unwaveringly patient with the results. As you’ll be informed before the surgery, it may take at least six months before the treated area normalizes, and the results of your procedure become apparent.


No matter where you get your liposuction surgery in Dubai, following such post-surgery guidelines is necessary for a prompt and harmless recovery. And if you choose a clinic with certified and highly experienced doctors and staff for your surgery, you can rest assured that most of the complications will be eliminated by their expertise itself. Amwaj Polyclinic is headed by the most commended surgeons and therapists, making it an ideal facility to get the most effective plastic surgery in Dubai Marina.

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