Our Team  Dr. Sindy Yambo

Dr. Sindy Yambo is a Belgian General Practitioner, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Brussels, Belgium, and a member of the “Ordre des Medecins du Brabant” (Belgian Medical Board). Dr. Sindy has a vast experience in University hospitals in Belgium, working in different internal medicine wards and Emergency departments. She also has an interest and a great experience in Family medicine, taking care of the whole family. Furthermore, Dr. Sindy has a special interest in food intolerances or allergies, and health issues linked to it. She would first assess your health and your digestive profile in a holistic manner. She will then identify the best approach to overcome the causes and the symptoms of intolerances, including innovative treatments such as integrative medicine. Another particular interest of hers lays in the preservation of youth, being the skin, the hair, the joints, the muscles, the brain or internal organs, using integrative medicine. She chooses this approach for it being smooth and with much fewer secondary effects so that it can fit most patients of almost all ages. Dr. Sindy has also a good experience in preventive medicine, designing a health program for executives in order to preserve their good health and reduce the risk for chronic or acute illnesses to occur. In doing so, the patients following her program can focus better on their professional activity. Dr. Sindy is well trained to help you heal after a surgery or a disease through food supplements and vitamin drips. She can use her skills with this method to help you going through chronic diseases as well, or just achieving the best of yourself!

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