This procedure removes excess male breast development, which may be due to weight gain or overall body weight loss, use of hormones or steroids, fatty tumours, genetic predisposition, or hormonal imbalances. If one-sided enlargement is found, testing is required prior to treatment.

The treatment involves stopping the causative agent or weight control, and may include conventional, laser-assisted liposuction, or liposculpture, with or without a direct excision.

Surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, conscious sedation with local anaesthetic, or general anaesthesia.


Discomfort is controlled with oral medication and long-acting local anaesthetic. A garment should be worn for several weeks and tumescent fluid drainage is expected for several days. Sutures are removed within one to two weeks and normal activities may be resumed within a couple of days.

1) What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia refers to a condition in which the men overdevelop their breasts. One out of five men is suffering from this condition due to hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, or usage of some specific drugs. 

Gynecomastia may not be painful, but it affects the individual's self-confidence, social, and personal life. Men who develop this condition tend to avoid participating in sports, public interaction or indulge in any form of intimacy to escape the embarrassment. 

Gynecomastia often occurs due to the excess weight of male breast tissue. The heavyweight puts pressure on the breast, stretching the areola (the dark skin around the nipple), resulting in a saggy appearance. 

Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai is one of the most-sought cosmetic treatments among men. Under this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will surgically improve the areola's shape and position and remove the excess skin around the breasts. Gynecomastia is commonly termed as male breast reduction surgery. 

Other factors that cause Gynecomastia are:

Young men aspiring to become bodybuilders often indulge with some substance abuse, steroids, and drugs, which in the long run, results in causing Gynecomastia.

Being an expert cosmetic surgeon, we encourage men always to have an open conversation with a doctor or professional gym trainer before indulging with harmful substance abuse. 

2) What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

In most of the cases, Gynecomastia resolves over time without any treatment. In many cases, it may indicate an underlying condition such as Hypogonadism, malnutrition, or cirrhosis. After examining your health condition, the doctor may suggest a few medications and closely monitor your health for at least six months. 

Usually, Gynecomastia wears off within these six months. But, treatment becomes necessary if the situation is otherwise, especially when the condition is followed by pain and tender breasts. 

After examining your case, the doctor will prescribe a few medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For patients with extreme Gynecomastia, the doctor suggests surgery. 

Gynecomastia surgery options include:

After carefully examining your Gynecomastia and other healthcare factors, the cosmetic surgeon will decide the approach towards Gynecomastia treatment for the patient's complete recovery and best results. 


 Gynecomastia is commonly referred to as "man boobs" and is very common in boys during puberty. It is often caused due to some changes in estrogen (a female hormone also present in men). Infants are born with Gynecomastia, which goes away after a certain period. However, the condition can occur among older people and middle-aged people. Some other factors that cause Gynecomastia include:

4)Why are Gynecomastia surgeries done?

Gynecomastia refers to a condition that causes breast tissue enlargement in men. It is often a source of embarrassment in men. The number of men who chose Gynecomastia surgery in UAE has increased over the years. If you are planning to consider the surgery, we suggest you first consult an expert doctor because Gynecomastia sometimes may be an initial symptom of an underlying condition. 

Patients diagnosed with Gynecomastia often have asymmetrical or unilateral breasts. Men can also self-examine to determine whether their breasts are palpable, tender, firm, mobile, or a round-disc like a mound of tissue has formed. Any unusual changes in your breast should be immediately reported to an expert doctor for further diagnosis. 

Amwaj Polyclinic is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Dubai. We have the best team of doctors, nursing staff, and our clinic is equipped with all kinds of facilities to ensure our patient's safe and happy recovery. 


5) Who is a good candidate for Gynecomastia surgery?

 During your first consultation, the doctor will thoroughly examine your health and medical history to determine your Gynecomastia treatment candidature. The decision is taken on the following factors:

If you feel now that you may be an ideal candidate for Gynecomastia surgery, we invite you to discuss your concerns with our experts. They will guide you and make sure your physic gets countered in a shape you always desired. 


6)Deciding about Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia often occurs due to excess breast tissue, excess fat, or loose skin around the areolar. Gynecomastia surgery can help remove these excess fats and re-counter your chest appearance. But, before you proceed with the operation, here are a few things one must understand. 

Choosing the surgeon

The scars from Gynecomastia surgery can quickly get hidden under your shirt, but it is safe to consider an expert, board-certified surgeon for such complex and delicate procedure. The surgeon you choose should have a lot of experience in handling Gynecomastia surgical cases. The surgeon should also remain aware of the underlying causes of the condition. A well-accomplished plastic surgeon will know that many factors cause Gynecomastia, including hormonal imbalance, anabolic steroids, recreational drugs, and obesity. A proper series of tests will be conducted for an appropriate diagnosis. Only when the reports have arrived, the doctor shall proceed with the surgery. 

Diet and Health

If you are aware of the fact that your Gynecomastia is a result of weight gain, consider following these tips before signing up for the surgery:

Like any other surgical procedure, Gynecomastia surgery comes with a fair share of risks and side-effects (infection, scars, and blood clotting). Following a strict lifestyle routine and choosing a well-accomplished surgeon will work as a guarantee for your safe and healthy recovery. Get in touch with our expert professionals for more insight on Gynecomastia surgery and its recovery process. 



7)What are the types of Gynecomastia surgeries?

Enlarged breast tissue can be a source of real embarrassment for men. They feel conscious while wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt or go shirtless on any occasion. Men suffering from Gynecomastia tend to wear loose, ill-fitted clothes to hide their flaws. Fortunately, Amwaj Polyclinic brings you an opportunity to get rid of this embarrassment. Understanding your flaws will help you act upon the solution. Gynecomastia is often measured through its types, such as:

Type 1: The man has a puffy look on his nipples, which appears to be cone-like and protruding outside his chest. This condition requires surgical removal of the enlarged glandular tissue to make the chest appear smooth and firm.

Type 2: The man has an extreme amount of glandular tissue and fat, making his chest feel tight, firm beneath the nipple, and softer from the outside region.

Type 3: It is a more extreme form of Gynecomastia in which the man suffers from saggy breasts with the nipples drowning outwards.

Type 4: At this stage, the man's breast becomes enlarged and saggy, requiring immediate surgical intervention to remove the excess glandular fat tissue and create a smooth, tight, and firm chest region.

Type 5: This type of Gynecomastia occurs when the man suffers from excess breast tissue sagging below the chest fold and appears like a female breast structure.

Type 6: This condition occurs when the breast droops below the chest, under the armpits, and extends towards the back.

Type 7: It is the most severe type of Gynecomastia, which involves extreme breast sagging. The nipples appear to be at the bottom of the sagging breast tissue.


8) What are the steps of a Gynecomastia procedure?

Following are the steps to perform Gynecomastia surgery:

Anesthesia: The surgery is performed under anesthesia to help the patient get comfortable throughout the procedure. Your doctor will decide the best anesthesia option, which includes intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

The liposuction technique: This procedure is recommended when there is a correction needed in a tiny region. The surgeon makes a small incision at the side of the areola and inserts a thin hollow cannula attached to the suction to remove the breast region's excess fat. Your surgeon will pull out the underlying glandular tissue via the incision. After completing the procedure, the incisions will be closed very carefully to ensure there are no scars formed around the treated region. 

The Excision technique: Men who require an extensive operation to treat

Gynecomastia are recommends the excision technique. Under this procedure, the surgeon will perform a more invasive breast reduction surgery. The process may last for at least 2-3 hours. The goal is to remove the excess fat and restore the natural shape of your breast. An expert surgeon will make an incision on the lower hemisphere of the chest, around the areola's circumference. The excess breast tissues get enhanced to give it a new, contoured shape. Depending on the patient's health, the surgeon will decide the type of approach needed to perform the surgery. 

Discuss with your doctor regarding the benefits, risks, and healing process of each surgical procedure to decide on the best-suited method.


9)Gynecomastia results – what can you expect?



How much does Gynecomastia surgery cost?

The cost for Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai may vary from clinic to clinic on various factors such as:

  • Fees for Anesthesia
  • Hospital and surgical facility cost
  • Fees for medical tests
  • Post-surgery garment cost
  • Cost of medicines
  • Surgeon's fees

The surgeon's fees depend on his/her expertise, training, type of surgery, and the clinic's geographical location. Choose a board-certified, professional surgeon, as your health matters more than the cost of the procedure. The surgeon's experience is crucial to ensure you are in safe hands. A trusted doctor and well-accomplished nursing staff will ensure complete satisfaction of their patients.

You can call Amwaj Polyclinic clinic to quote a price before booking an appointment. The staff officials will guide you with standard solutions.

What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon about Gynecomastia surgery?

Here are a few questions you should consider asking the doctor:

  • Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?
  • Are you specially trained to perform Gynecomastia surgery?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the field of plastic surgery?
  • Am I the right candidate for this procedure?
  • What kind of results should I expect after the surgery?
  • Am I physically and mentally fit for this procedure?
  • How are you going to perform the surgery?
  • What are the post-surgery recovery tips I should know beforehand?
  • How long will be the recovery procedure?
  • Do I need to take leave from my office work for complete recovery?
  • What kind of risks is associated with Gynecomastia surgery?
  • How are we going to handle the complications, in case they occur?
  • What if I am not satisfied with the surgery? Are there any alternative options for surgery?
  • Can I see the before-after photos of your other patients?
Gynecomastia– preparing for the big day How to prepare for it?

Here are a few things you must follow to prepare for the big day:

  • Get a complete health check-up done before the surgery 
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drug supplements
  • Do not hide from the doctor if there are any medicines you have been taking
  • Ask a friend to join you who can drive you home safely after the surgery
  • Completely shave your chest and under-arms
  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least 6 hours before the surgery
  • Wear comfortable clothes that need no arm-stretching

The surgery requires 2-3 hours to complete, and then the doctor will ask you to stay at the hospital for 4-5 hours to monitor your health closely. You can drive back home on the same day post-surgery.

What should I expect during my Gynecomastia surgery recovery?

Your doctor will prepare a complete set of follow-up appointments, medicines, and recovery tips. 

  • Physical activities may get restricted for the first few weeks 
  • You may be allowed to walk 
  • Vertical lifting of your arms may get forbidden for the first few days
  • Heavyweight lifting should be restricted for the first 10-12 days
  • Somevitamins and dietary guidelines will be prescribed to be strictly followed
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe an ointment that helps the scar to fade away
Gynecomastia results – what can you expect

Inthe first few days, you will have to be extra careful. Avoid heavyweight-lifting and strictly follow the guidelines prepared by your surgeon.

During your follow-up meeting, the surgeon will remove the bandages andre-evaluate the surgical region. When the swelling reduces overtime, you willbe able to witness the changes made in your chest appearance and admire thecontoured, re-shaped, and enhanced male breasts.


Amway Polyclinic has been offering world-class treatment solutions for all types of cosmetic concerns. Our services range from plastic surgeries and slimming treatments to gynaecology and pediatric treatments, delivering all kinds of health solutions for all age under one roof. To learn more about our services, treatments, and solutions, book your appointment today.


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