Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer Face

Fat grafting or fat transfer is the transplantation or injection of autologous (from your own body) fat to rejuvenate your physical features. It is a safe and natural reshaping procedure to correct retractive scars and restore lost volume in the breast or buttock.

The treatment is done under local anaesthetic with mild sedation. Fat is removed from areas with excess fat, like the abdomen or the flanks, using a small cannula attached to a syringe. Excess fluids will be removed from the collected fat, which is then injected into the area being reshaped.

The fat is not only used for volume restoration. It is also rich in stem cells that are responsible for the formation of new collagen and vascularization in the injected tissue, allowing more blood supply to the receiving area.

This procedure can be combined with liposuction, tummy tuck, or cosmetic breast surgery to obtain the best aesthetic result.

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