In today’s fast-paced world, women around the world still have to take an hour off their schedules to take care of their body hair. Even men who wish to get rid of their unpleasant hairy look have to do the same. All of it is to undergo painful pulling and shaving treatments that are too outdated for this modern laser technology era. Since new hair removal products are popping in the market every day, most of us assume that these old skin-harming processes might outdo laser hair removal someday. But making this comparison is inaccurate, as laser treatments are an entirely different league.

Though the old contact-methods of pulling hair and the contactless-method of laser hair removal have similar goals, they work on different principles where the laser treatment follows a more ‘permanent’ and skin-friendly approach. But again, all things have their quirks and challenges, and so does laser hair removal. And to judge whether this modern technology is really an upgrade to the old hair removal culture, you must know at least the following essential facts and figures about laser hair removal treatment:

The Results Are Almost Permanent:

Unlike waxing and tweezing, where only the superficial hair is targeted, laser treatments target the underlying hair follicles to unroot the hair altogether.

At Amwaj Polyclinic, it is ensured that at least 90% of the targeted body part becomes hair-free by the end of the treatment. And the hair that grows thereafter is too thin and faint in tone to be visible to the naked eye from a distance.

Hence, it is safe to say that laser hair removal might be the only ‘almost permanent’ hair removal solution to date.

It Works All Over The Body:

Depending on your body figure and weight, your body parts may have nooks and corners that waxing pads and shaving blades cannot reach or work effectively.

From your toes to your pelvis to your armpits and neck, laser probe works effectively throughout your skin and removes hair with equal precision. However, it isn’t used close to the eyes as they are vulnerable to damage from such intense lasers.

It Causes Least Side Effects:

Since no chemicals or pads are used, the skin remains untouched and out of harm throughout the process. Ultimately, the side effects like rashes, irritation, infections, etc. are non-existent in this case.

Also, the most common side effect of partial pulling of hair, i.e., ingrown hair, is eliminated as laser hair removal unroots the hair without damaging it.

The Pain Is Minimal, But Variable:

It would be false to say that laser hair removal is a ‘painless’ treatment; however, it is less painless that the other pulling techniques.

Also, modern laser treatments use various cooling systems during the procedure to reduce pain and skin irritation.

It is observed that the pain felt during this treatment varies for every person based on several factors like your hormones, appetite, or general health and mood. Your cosmetologist will be able to elaborate on these factors and guide you in preparing for your laser sessions.

It Is Performed By Certified Experts:

The greatest concern you might have while visiting a boutique for waxing or hair pulling is whether their staff is qualified enough, as there’s no certification required to do so.

That is not how laser hair removal works. Since it involves advanced devices and scientific evaluation of skin and hair, it is only performed by a certified and trained cosmetologist.

The Results Vary According to Skin & Hair Tones:

The working principle of laser hair removal has a significant downside of not working on dark skin tones or faint hair.

If your skin isn’t easily distinguishable from the hair, you might have to find a cosmetic clinic that uses advanced lasers that may work on you.

It Takes Multiple Sessions To Prove Effective:

Laser treatment works by targeting hair in multiple sessions equally assigned to match one’s hair growth cycle.

And by multiple, it can mean anywhere between 4 to 9 sessions that can go on for up to six months. Hence, you’ll have to be patient and rational as you start your laser treatment sessions.

It Is A Bit Costly:

At a glance, the cost of laser treatment sounds more expensive than any other hair pulling treatment you might have tried. There’s no going about this fact.

But if you consider the cost-Vs-value ratio, the results gained from laser hair removal are far more effective and long-lasting, making it worth its costs.


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